All sunglasses are suitable for almost any type of person. They well emphasize the advantages and hide flaws. The same pair of glasses organically looks both men and women.

The most common model of Ray-Ban Aviator, Ray Ban Wayfarer, Ray-Ban Clubmaster.

Wayfarer started producing ray ban sunglasses cheap in the 1950-ies. The model for such a substantial period of its existence has remained essentially unchanged, corresponding to the modern fashion trends.

Clubmaster, began its existence in the 1950-ies. For some time they disappeared from the field of view of fashionistas and fashionistas. And only now, in mind, his adoration, retro-style glasses filled arsenals of their fans.

Aviator produced since 1937 year. Model is the most common and popular in the world. More than 75 years the position of leader or model for versatility and style among Sun accessories. Aviators are not only a sign of excellent taste and style of its owner, but also their suggests that people take care of their health. The fact is that the aviators sunglasses was originally designed for pilots. And people with this profession buy Ray ban sunglasses need to monitor the health of the eyes and vision as anyone else. Glasses are an excellent protection from infrared and ultraviolet radiation, but the existence of a special filter ensures the absorption of solar glare.

Ray-Ban Aviator, as well as other models, are of unisex-fit men and women. There is no clear distinction on the age, type, colour or facial hair, who can wear glasses. The model is suitable for all without exception.