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Having two wedding ceremonies is as common as ever. As love brings couples from different cultural backgrounds together, it's only fitting to celebrate their union in respect to both of their cultures. One of the biggest challenge with this is logistics.

Here are a few tips if you're planning to have two wedding ceremonies:

1. Traditions on a wedding day can vary from culture to culture, you also need to allocate time for each tradition. If you and your family is planning to include all the traditions from both cultures, it's better to have the 2 ceremonies on 2 different days. This way you, your families and guests aren't exhausted from a single never-ending day and it allows you to be present and enjoy every aspect of your wedding.

2. If you're planning to have 2 ceremonies in a single day, timing is important not only for you and your families but also your guests. We recommend having a back to back wedding ceremony with a quick outfit change in between. This way your family and guests aren't waiting around for the second ceremony to start. By having back to back ceremonies, this allows you to have more time for your photoshoot and family photos and traditions at home like the doli and paani vaarna (Departure and Receiving of the bride).

3. Hire a Wedding Coordinator. Planning for one wedding is hard enough, two is a logistical challenge. We recommend hiring a professional for your big day, so you can be at ease and truly enjoy every aspect of your special day. A wedding coordinator not only makes sure things are running on time but also helps coordinate vendors and guides families and guests throughout the day.

4. Build in buffer times. It's always a good idea to add 15-30 minute buffer times in between ceremonies, travelling and even after every tradition. This buys you time just incase if you hit any delays on your wedding day.

5. Work with your photographer and videographer when planning your dual wedding ceremonies. To find out how much time to allocate for photos for each aspect of your day, check out our blog post: A complete guide for ideal times of photography on your wedding day.

Planning 2 wedding ceremonies? Contact us for more ideas for a smooth wedding day that avoids logistical challenges.

Here's a look at Nitin and Poonam's same day dual wedding ceremony!

Vendor Love:

Photo/Video: Flashing Lights

Clothing: Amara Couture

Makeup: Beautee Inc

Jewelry: Sia Importer

Henna: Henna by Rav

Turban: Safa Turban by Karan

Decor: Diamond Decor

Studio: Vision Room


- Flashing Lights Photography -


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