Helping support small businesses with branding and marketing services

using clean, creative and responsive solutions. 

FL Design services include: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Website Design,

Social Media graphics, illustrations and marketing collateral. 

Contact us for all your small business design and marketing needs. 


The Meditate Collective

is a volunteer-run organization helping people

to harness the power of meditation to improve health, find peace and be better human beings. 

The meditative icons, calming colours and minimal designs are created to highlight and emphasize knowledgeable

social media posts that educate viewers in various techniques, benefits and insights into the world of meditation. 


Cobra Cleaning - An elite cleaning taskforce for commercial carpet and floor maintainance has entered Downtown Vancouver offices.

The fierce brand and the bold colours represent their philosophy of disrupting the commercial carpet cleaning market. 

With their aggressive and approach, the brand was created to deliver a bold statement. 


Fresh, modern Thai food with bold traditional flavors. Kin Thai Kitchen + Bar just opened their doors this fall in South Surrey.


Black and White colors of Kin’s brand represent the simplicity of the clean urban design. The brand
elements and icons invoke the aroma’s of Thailand. 


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