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A look at one of Bhavna's pre-wedding traditions from their Sikh ceremony. A Maiyan ceremony is done both at the bride's and groom's house 2 days before the wedding. This is a cleansing ceremony to purify the bride and groom for their big day.

This tradition involves 'rangoli' a colourful design of flour and rice placed at the feet of the bride/groom and a red scarf placed above their heads as they sit on a small wooden stool. The cleansing is done by family and friends with a yellow paste made of mustard oil and turmeric mixture that purifies the skin and washes away all bad omens. This can get messy and fun as the mixture is applied without moderation.

We loved capturing this tradition for Bhavna as it brought out the love and bond she had with her parents and her family. Full of smiles and laughter, this was def a memorable moment to continue the wedding traditions days before the wedding!

Vendor Love:

Wedding Planner: Arora Events

Makeup/Hair: The Beauty Concept



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