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We had the chance to be a part of a styled shoot that celebrated diversity though the eyes of a bridal fashion! We teamed up with some of the industry's best to highlight brides from diverse backgrounds in designer bridal dresses like Duet Dress, J'adore Couture and Ariamo Fashion.

The concept of this shoot was created by Susan Ramroop of Beyoutiful Beginnings. Susan shares her inspiration behind the shoot below:

“For this concept shoot, the team showcased six brides with different cultural backgrounds. They are rich in colour, customs and beliefs. These brides are showing off their unique cultural differences.

Recognizing the importance of our similarities showcased in fashion is key – and this was the goal of our shoot. We wanted to show women with unique cultural backgrounds who are defined by the beauty of their differences, yet brought together by their similarities. Their distinct cultures and personalities are mirrored in the bridal adornment that you can see in their hair and on their bodies.

They are all proud to be Canadian, celebrating the mosaic of our country. They are here to remind us that there’s more than one kind of bride – beyond what we commonly see in magazines. They are brides who defy ‘typical’ expectations in the industry.”

As seen in Today's Bride Canada:



- Flashing Lights Photography -


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