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A sushi picnic on the beach, yes please! For their e-shoot, Simrun and Nikhil decided to capture on of their most memorable dates on camera. When they described their picnic date and told me they were bringing sushi along, I automatically got excited but also nervous as I have never photographed sushi in this setting. After hearing about their idea, I emerged myself in their vision, picturing their date to be light and fun with lots of laughs! This is exactly what they wanted, natural, candid and fun photos.

Going into the shoot, they were super nervous as this is their first professional photo session. I focused on keeping things light so I can really bring out those natural emotions while making them feel like they're on an actual date. In order to do this, we set up their picnic and I positioned them to just enjoy the scenery and themselves while I took a step back. My goal was to be patient and let them be, so I can capture those candid moments in between from a far distance. The little smiles and the playfulness, that's where the magic is created!

As they became situated and comfortable, I started having fun with them by making them run around on the beach just for those extra expressive shots. I love it when the couple are down to just let go and have fun!

With the sun setting, and that golden glow from the sun, the photos were just magical!



- Flashing Lights Photography -


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