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When modern meets traditional. 2 different visions to show both of their personalities! We had the pleasure of capturing both visions while capturing the essence and cuteness of their love!

For their modern vision, both Gauri and Tarnbir brought it with their GQ yet minimalistic look. We chose R.C. Harris Water treatment plant as their backdrop to really bring out Gauri's nude light & 'flowy' dress. The colours really worked together and came to life during sunset with the pink hues. During their formal shoot, the poses were minimal but these two pulled them off so nicely!

Their traditional shoot was everything colourful! From their outfits, to their personalities, it was all smiles that shined through these photos! We chose a farm location to capture the scenic greens, with bright sunny blue skies that complimented their colourful outfits. Both Gauri and Tarnbir brought out their playfulness as Tarnbir serenaded Gauri as she laughed non-stop. While walking through the fields, we found a swing, a perfect opportunity for Tarnbir to swing Gauri while they laughed and had fun. This was the perfect traditional Punjabi picturesque moment that captured their personalities in a timeless way!



- Flashing Lights Photography -


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