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5 Tips for a Super Cute Engagement Shoot That Represents You and Your Love Story!

Planning your engagement shoot is an area we find couples have the hardest time doing because it takes time to brainstorm ideas, but they are one of the best parts of the wedding photography process. E-shoots allow couples to get comfortable in front of the camera in a controlled, planned setting which prepares them for their big day. More importantly, couples can use this time to share their unique love story with the world by creating beautiful, timeless photos in a fun environment of their choosing.

The best way to tell your story is by being you! Here are some tips to consider while you are doing your research in isolation that will help you tell your story in your engagement photos:

1. Make it Memorable!

Think about the special milestones in your relationship! First time you met, unforgettable date nights, your proposal, or simply your favourite past time together. Capturing key moments from your relationship will create timeless memories that will last forever and take you back to those special moments every time you look at your photos! This is a great starting point for creating a vision for your engagement session.

2. Location is Everything.

Choose a location that has a significant meaning to you as a couple. This could be the views of the city, your favorite coffee shop, where you first declared your love for each other. If you can’t decide, talk to your photographer. They can always suggest locations based on your vision or the look and feel you like to go with (Rustic, Urban, Scenic, etc).

3. Wear your Style!

Choose outfits based on your vision and location but include elements that represent you. You want your engagement photos to look complete and you can do this by complimenting each other in what you wear. Instead of matching outfits, wear different shades of the same colour. Most importantly, be comfortable with what you are wearing and always have options!

4. Say yes to being cheesy

Treat your photoshoot as a date! Forget that your photographer is there, just focus on each other by being present in the moment. This means, flirt with each other as you would alone. Stare into each other’s eyes, hold hands, laugh, be cheesy! These candid moments will breathe life into your photos and really capture the essence of your relationship.

5. We are all Friends!

The best moments are captured when you are comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Choosing the right photographer that you vibe with and have a great chemistry with is key! Becoming friends with your photographer will make it easy for you to be yourself, which will result in natural candid photos and you’ll even have fun along the way!

Written By: Rominder Saini, Flashing Lights Photography Susan Ramroop, Beyoutiful Beginnings

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